At The Hypno Clinic, we understand that mental health is a very serious and real concern that billions of people struggle with on a daily basis. It affects families, professional lives, personal relationships, and most of all, us as individuals. 


The Hypno Clinic was established from the foundation of five key values which contribute to the integrity of our practice. These include: 


Commitment: We’re dedicated to helping you overcome the issues you’re experiencing, while allowing you to see your problems for what they really are. 

Encouraging Clarity: We want you to become clear-minded and gain clarity with your situation and how it’s affecting you. 

Caring: We genuinely care about each and every individual we come across, which is why we strive to create an environment of humility and care for your well-being. 

A No-Judgement Zone: In order for you to heal as best you can, we guarantee a non-judgemental atmosphere at all times so you can feel warm and safe. 

Promoting Greater Understanding: Our ultimate goal is for you to reach an understanding of who you are, the root cause of your problems, and how to go about healing from them.

What is Hypnotherapy and how can it help?


Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based therapy in the dynamic psychology field. It puts the client in a relaxed state allowing highly focused attention and heightened suggestibility to enter your cognitive patterns through the “back door” of consciousness. 

It specifically targets and brings awareness to the cognitive patterns or the process being run at an unconscious level in order to get in to what we therapist’s call the problem space- essentially, think of it as a “how do you do that?” type view. 


Hypnotherapy allows positive suggestions and focused attention to enter your unconscious mind, cleverly eliciting resources the you have hidden away while in a deeply relaxed state. In our sessions we aim to seek out and identify any gaps you may have in your awareness and break them down into smaller components.