When we suffer from trauma-related behavior, it means that there is unresolved distress in our unconscious minds coming into conflict with our every day being. Understanding this unresolved trauma and how it relates to your behavior through hypnotherapy can really help in the process of overcoming it. In this practice, we gently confront the cause of your trauma and allow your mind to deal with these unpleasant memories and emotions in a healthy manner.

Often, individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder have persistent thoughts and memories of this event which can manifest physically in unwanted behavior patterns such as alcohol or drug abuseOCD or eating disorders or can result in repeated panic attacks or other physical symptoms or ailments and often results in depression.

The trigger event can be something that threatened (real or imagined) the person’s life or the life of someone very close to them, or it could be something they had witnessed, such as a death and destruction from a plane crash, bombing or building devastation.

Memories of the trauma can be very distressing, and can lead them to avoid certain places or situations that bring back those memories. Anniversaries of the event are often difficult as well.

At The Hypno Clinic we use specific clinical therapeutic techniques to diffuse the connection between a specific event and the flight/fight response and add techniques for reducing general anxiety so you can start to look to the future in a positive way to rebuild your life.

The aim here is to not go into your past, but to bring awareness to how the past is effecting you in the present and how you can move beyond it.