Stress feeds anger. Both stress and anger come from a lack of understanding how to cope when life becomes overwhelming and can reach a point of becoming uncontrollable.

Sometimes the stress or anger is just for a short period triggered by particular circumstances and when those circumstances change the feeling subsides, however, sometimes this stress becomes prolonged and lasts beyond the circumstances or the circumstances are not going to change in the short term.

 This is when you need to step in and learn how to cope with the stress in your life in a different way.

Believe it or not stress is a state of mind created initially by the way you are thinking about a situation, but often your mind gets ‘locked in’ and you become overwhelmed by everything going on in your life not just the immediate circumstances you believed was causing the stress.

Initially the stress may just make you feel overwhelmed, anxious or perhaps irritable, but allowed to continue more serious symptoms can develop which will have a a more serious affect on your life limiting how you are able to function and even leading to long term illnesses and time off work.


How can Hypnotherapy treat my Stress/Anger?


Hypnotherapy can offer you new insights into this emotional state and give you ways to control it.  Throughout our sessions we will break down the causes and patterns for your stress and anger, give you a new perspective and put you back in control  from the things that trigger these negative reactions. 

 The goal here is to understand the message behind the emotion and find different ways you are able to comfortably express yourself.